"For centuries, African trade and commerce has been governed by ethnically-biased European rule guilty of colonizing, enslaving, and forcing economic sanctions and tariffs on African nations and communities around the globe. Now that the corona virus pandemic has ushered in an era of remote employment and commerce, robotics, artificial intelligence, and IT-business process outsourcing advancements that fully establish a fourth industrial revolution as the new norm, adherence to European governance over trade and commerce will worsen life for African nations and communities."

(Black Economics Matter)


Founded in 2016, Alpha Life Management Systems, Inc. ("ALMS") is a New York-based youth entrepreneurship and employability consultancy founded in 2014, by David A. Thigpen, and operated by an international team of entrepreneurs, job developers, and business experts from the United States, Ghana, South Africa, and the Republic of Madagascar. In 2020, ALMS formed the Novitiate Youth Society of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises™ (NYSEE™) Occupational Industrialization Center for the following reason:

"Released from slavery with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever skills they managed to accumulate on plantations, African Americans made the remarkable transition from being human capital to learning how to generate capital to support their families in a racialized system where they were to often met with maximum opposition to their success." Now, after more than 400 years under oppressive opposition to success, African American poverty cannot fairly be deemed a condition chosen by the masses of lazy negroes, but instead a psycologically effected, slavery-wrought tradition systemically forced upon generations of African American youth for so long that it has become a norm that when fought against leads to the ostracization, imprisonment, or death of negroe perpetrators by African American allowed to flourish hidden behind the illusionary riches and success granted to those who can sing, dance, act, or excell in athletics. Now, after more than 400 years under oppressive opposition to success, the highly publicized murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the subsequent globalized "Black Lives Matter" movement, and President Trump gleefully reminding African Americans that they had nothing to lose by voting for him, alluding to the reality that America didn't offer them anything noteworthy anyway, thus solidifying the reality that America has no intent to, and will never equally share its wealth or land with its Nigger counterparts. This fact is further supported when the criminal just-us system viciousness enslaves African American entrepreneurs who sought to live the American dream through the manufacturing and distribution of oppressor determined illegal marijuana, and are now forced to watch from their imprisonment while America now determines it legal for whites to control the market for this millennium-old medicinal plant.

For centuries, African nations and communities have been kept impoverished by tyrannical and systematic piracy supported by the strategic pillaging of African lives, natural resources, intellectual property, and spiritualism. Madagascar is home to 25.5 million people of which more than 16 million are below 25 years of age. More than two-thirds of the population live in extreme poverty and struggle to meet their basic needs. As a result of post-independence oppression, Madagascar is 41 percent poorer today than it was at independence in 1960. An estimated 77.6 percent of the population live below the US$1.90 poverty line, at purchasing power parity. As a result of post-slavery oppression, more than 45 million Americans of African descent living in the United States make up approximately 13.5% of the American population, but suffer the highest poverty and unemployment ratios in the country since 1959. In spite of the steady advancement of the African American, media and the powers to be would have you believe they are savages worthy of caging. Consequently, as of 2001, one of every three Black boys born that year can expect to go to prison in their  lifetime, where the 13th Amendment of the same U.S. Constitution that has deemed them 3/5 of a human will legally force them back into SLAVERY. In both cases, African subjection to severe poverty appears to be the result of post-independence from colonization or slavery.









The NYSEE™ virtual industrialization training center




However, just like the body that fights off the effects of a foreign virus determined to destroy its existence, likewise today's African American youth fight off the unwanted presence of poverty by seeking means and methods to independently own and operate enterprises non-reliant upon the oppressive children of their oppressed ancestors.

"ALMS" is also the parent company for the was developed in 2020 to offer digital vocational courses to African youth ages 16-25 that initiate an increase in African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade and commerce activity among Sub Saharan and U.S. businesses and consumers. The AGOA is a United States Trade Act, enacted on 18 May 2000 as Public Law 106 of the 200th Congress. AGOA has since been renewed to 2025.  

ALMS contends the problem lies, in both of the above cases of poverty, in free-market-economics. It is there that the subjugation of African people to European rule has one last firmly set claw which must be severed for Black lives to truly matter. The time has come for Africans across the globe to be free to trade without fear of violent repurcussive attacks executed by European countries afraid that the so-called savage will advance to a state wherein they can no longer be subjected to the rape and pillaging of their homes and homelands. Today, Madagascar is undergoing a huge sector redevelopment process including agribusiness, textiles and apparel, and Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO). In America, the Black Lives Matter movement to challenge the racist treatment of African Americans, has prompted a conscious decision by U.S. Blacks to begin to work with and conduct business among other African nations and communities. Unable to access the resources and commodities necessary to free themselves from the economic slavery forced upon them by their European American counterparts, ALMS seeks to provide Black youth in America the ability to no longer rely upon the enslavers to act as the sole provider of the goods and services needed by them for survival.  Accordingly, ALMS begins its mission by connecting Madagascar and African American youth entrepreneurs for the purpose of collectively launching and sustaining the growth and advancement of their and other African nations and communities.


Now that 2020 has ushered in a global economic reset and inspired a crusade opposing the systemic oppression of Africans across the globe, ALMS is seeking prudent investors and business partners it can work with to initiate, influence, scale, and sustain a wealth equity policy and political agenda that pushes for systemic investments in youth financial literacy and capability, youth exposure to the principles and practice of entrepreneurship, youth business accelerators targeting entrepreneurs of African lineage and entrepreneurs of any race from low-income housefolds, guaranteed access to business capital and supports, better opportunities for building matched savings over a lifetime, anti-wealth stripping laws that protects assets, and other opportuities for economic inclusion, including but not limited to, the eradication of European bully-like and violent suppression of African trade and commerce among one another and around the globe.


ALMS, INC. responsibility to DGPP is to assure employers and consumers have access to highly-skilled and English-speaking workforce during the Intelligent Organization era. Products and services crafted and delivered to Madagascar nationals to increase its global trade capabilities and lessen fourth industrial era labor cost and employability nuances. Our products and services are co-jointly developed by consist of the following: