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What we do:

Since 1997, ALMS, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship coaching, development tools, and business networking opportunities to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men, women, and teens.  Our corners2Cornerstones programs were crafted within New York States toughest prison to offer people leaving prison with:


  • knowledge of how to turn the skills acquired while hustling in the streets into viable and profitable legal trades;


  • tools they could use to develop and operate their own legitimate business;


  • an entrepreneurial employment value.


In 2012, our mission expanded to include adolescents and teens ages 11-17 and under-served community youth ages 18-23


How it's done:

corners2CORNERSTONES rapidly re-purposes entrepreneurial skills learned to survive on the street and facilitates the transfer of supplementary skills in students to build confidence in their own abilities to develop a legitimate business, or pursue a career as a highly entrepreneurial employee.  All students graduate with a United Nation Global Business Incubator Certification.  The Global Business Incubator (GBI) is a South SouthNews/United Nations initiative that provides skills-based entrepreneurship training to disenfranchised and disadvantaged economic global communities. As a GBI Enterprise, start up companies will have access to opportunity resources, and a global network of economic trade previously inaccessible to their communities.  

If you or someone you know is scheduled to be released from prison, or have been incarcerated in the past, and are looking for assistance in starting your own business and learn how to make legitimate money with your skills, contact us below, and we'll reach out to you with information on "how to start" as soon as possible.  Find the button below that applies to what you want to do and click it.

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