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For centuries, European wealth and African poverty have been a result of colonialist trade policies that support inhibitors denying Africans an independence consequential to free trade. However, now that the events of 2020 have ushered in a global recession and inspired a crusade opposing the systemic oppression of African Americans, Alpha Life Management Systems, Inc. (ALMS) is seeking prudent investors and business partners it can work with to collectively rewrite the dogmas set by European governance over global trade. ALMS is a New York City based enterprise and employment development company owned and operated by an international team of entrepreneurs, educators, job developers, engineers, and business experts from the United States and the Republic of Madagascar. ALMS is also the parent company to three (3) Madagascar-based LLC's and a New York State corporation seeking 'B' status. Our corporate mission is social based and generates revenue by reducing Madagascar and United States poverty ratios while initiating, influencing, and increasing trade and commerce between African American and Malagasy nationals.


In 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) with the intent of benefiting American workers and American businesses. The AGOA is a nonreciprocal trade preference program giving U.S. investors and businesses the certainty they need to consider Africa as a destination for investment and a source for their purchases. As part of the signing, President Obama also granted the Republic of Madagascar (an Island Nation in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa) permission to conduct trade with the United States. Both the AGOA trade agreement and Madagascar’s inclusion as one of the sub-Saharan nations deemed safe for U.S. investors and businesses, are what ALMS will use to build a bridge connecting African American consumers, investors, and businesses directly to Malagasy resources. ALMS is prepared to strategically direct the unified mindset formed by African Americans during the “BLM” movement toward utilizing their $1.5 trillion annual spending power to invest in the cost-efficient purchase, manufacturing, and trade of Madagascar goods and services nationally and globally. By leading this initiative, ALMS can potentially become the leading investment opportunity for African Americans seeking a better quality of life and standard of living in America. Our SEVEN COINS™ strategies grant ALMS access to more than 60 million African American and Malagasy consumers, comprising 2.1 million business owners, 1.41 million millionaires, 8 billionaires, and more than $1.41 trillion.