"Wise Words Spoken"

"The Constitution of the United States of America states the Black race is 3/5 human.

However, it does not address the truth that the Black race is also 7/10 God.

All in the world has been stolen from those whose flesh is the carbon signature of creation.

And now after the six thousand year rule promised to the children of the gene,

the progeny of atom shall rise to reclaim all they have lost.

They will lead civilization to a life of freedom, justice, and equality

and they shall do so from the universal throne of righteousness."

(Dawud & Freedum "Poppa Wu" Allah)

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​For centuries, African-American and African economics, trade, and commerce has been governed by ethnically-biased European rule guilty of using colonization and enslavement to force oppressive sanctions and tariffs on African nations and communities around the globe that prohibit free-market trade and commerce. Now that the corona virus pandemic has ushered in an era of remote employment and commerce, robotics, artificial intelligence, and IT-business process outsourcing advancements that fully establish a fourth industrial revolution as the new norm, adherence to European governance over trade and commerce will worsen life for African nations and African-American communities. That is, of course, unless African nations and communities across the globe ban together to dismantle European say-so concerning African freedom to conduct ethical trade and commerce among themselves and other nations. 

​Released from slavery with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever skills they managed to accumulate on plantations, African Americans made the remarkable transition from being human capital to learning how to generate capital to support their families in a racialized system where they were too often met with maximum opposition to their success. Even now, following the one-hundred-year birthday of the emancipation proclamation, more than 45 million Americans of African descent in the United States make up approximately 13.5% of the American population, but suffer the highest poverty and unemployment ratios in the country for approximately forty-one years subsequent to the centennial date of their so-called freedom.

You will find an identical European system for effecting poverty throughout the continent of Africa that results in resource wealthy nations suffering extremely high poverty ratios while European nations extract, hoard, and amass wealth from commodities economic sanctions and tariffs hinder the people of African nations from as much as trading with their neighboring provinces. An example exists in the case of the Republic of Madagascar. Its natural resources and rare commodities are sought everywhere on the planet, yet more than two-thirds of the population live in extreme poverty and struggle to meet their basic needs. As a result of post-colonial independence, Madagascar is 41 percent poorer today than it was at independence in 1960. An estimated 77.6 percent of the population live below the US $1.90 poverty line, at purchasing power parity.

Now, after the highly publicized murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the subsequent globalized "Black Lives Matter" movement, and President Trump gleefully reminding African Americans that they had nothing to lose by voting for him, alluding to the reality that America didn't offer African Americans anything noteworthy anyway, thus solidifying the reality that America has no intent to ever equally share its wealth, status, or land with its Black counterparts, a conscious decision by African-Americans has been made to work with and conduct business among other African nations and communities. Unable to access the resources and commodities necessary to free themselves from the economic slavery forced upon them by their European and American counterparts, ALMS and the Republic of Madagascar seeks to launch an initiative providing Malagasy and African-American youth the ability to no longer rely upon enslavers to act as the sole provider of the goods and services needed by them for survival. 


Accordingly, ALMS will connect entrepreneurial Madagascar and African American youth for the purpose of collectively reducing youth poverty ratios by increasing African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) sanctioned trade and commerce between the U.S. and Madagascar that aids in the growth and advancement of their and other African nations and communities. This Madagascar/United States of America (MADUSA) initiative is a result of an ALMS contention that the subjugation of African people to European governance of its ability to freely conduct trade and commerce throughout the globe violates the rights of African people, as such relates to preventing African nations and communities from fighting poverty by relying upon the free-market-economic exercises and practices of other nations and communities.


It is the denial of economic freedom that the last firmly set oppressive claw of European dominance must be severed for Black lives to truly matter. If all men and women are truly created equal based upon their God-given-rights, and not the complexion of their skin, the time has come for Africans across the globe to be free to trade without fear of violent repercussive attacks executed by European countries afraid that the “so-called” savage will advance as they did during the one-hundred and forty-one-years subsequent to the illusionary freedom of the Negro slave.

2020 has ushered in a global economic reset and inspired a crusade opposing the systemic oppression of Africans across the globe. Accordingly, ALMS is seeking prudent investors and business partners it can work with to initiate, influence, scale, and sustain a wealth equity policy and political agenda that pushes for systemic investments in youth financial literacy and capability, youth exposure to the principles and practice of entrepreneurship, youth business accelerators targeting entrepreneurs of African lineage and entrepreneurs of any race from low-income households, guaranteed access to business capital and supports, better opportunities for building matched savings over a lifetime, anti-wealth stripping laws that protects assets, and other opportunities for economic inclusion, including but not limited to, the eradication of European bully-like and violent suppression of African trade and commerce among one another and around the globe.

"Silently we mourn all the rappers thats gone, Niggas that got killed in the field, and all the babies born.  Know they ain't fully prepared for this New World Order, so I keep it ghetto like sunflower seeds and quarter waters-- to walk them through it, you know, talk them through it."


(YOUNG G's: No Way Out ft. Jay Z) 


Each Novitiate Youth Society of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Occupational Industrialization Center entrepreneurship and enterprise development course introduces students to general business techniques and tools that prepare graduates to successfully launch  and operate a small business. Our post course alumni business incubators and co-work centers offer graduates sales and management training, sustainability support, and entry into a number of 1099 business partnership programs. All our training course are built on three fundamental business principles that, when practiced as a whole, result in tangible and positive results for men, women, and teens able to legally self-support themselves following graduation.

Using advanced technology and global business development tools, NYSEE Center rapidly identify entrepreneur and intrapreneur skills in students, and facilitates the occupational transference of supplementary business and career skills that enable students to develop a legitimate social enterprise in specialized business industries like small business operations, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and wholesale distribution, import and export, and international trade, or to pursue a career as a highly entrepreneurial employee. All NYSEE Course graduates receive alumni business development and sales training, lifestyle coaching and mentoring, 1099 business partnership opportunities, personal and business credit training and assistance, term life insurance, identity theft protection, will, trust and POA assistance, personal and business legal assistance, debt reduction assistance, RX discounts, health insurance, funding opportunities of up to $250 k, and lifelong alumni support.

​The corners2Cornerstones™ Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Course is a 26 week systemic entrepreneur validation and employability network and cooperative industry society training course for impoverished and unemployed entrepreneurial adults seeking tried and tested self-support techniques and tools that enable them to successfully launch and sustain a business around their extraordinary idea or skill set. 

The Hip-Hopreneurship™ Global Networking Initiative is a 12-24 month classroom/business incubator/co-work space entrepreneurship and enterprise development course for active HS and college aged youth seeking to make a global economic stand against poverty by working with youth from the Republic of Madagascar to reduce global poverty ratios by increasing African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade and commerce between Madagascar and the United States. 

The Prison-Novation™ “Fresh Start” Re-entry Assistance Program is a 16 week business building boot camp for  criminal justice involved individuals ages 16-above seeking to exchange criminal lifestyles for socially responsible entrepreneurial lifestyles, and willing to use the positive skill sets acquired hustling in the streets to successfully launch and sustain a business around their extraordinary idea or skill set. 

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